July 21, 2015

Kachiri Irizarry Financial AbundanceWith all the phone bills, utility bills, internet bills, rent payments, and daily cost of living, stressing about money is the norm.  According to wealth expert Kachiri Irizarry stress multiples anytime you have debts on the back burner such as school loans or house and car payments.  The key to cultivating more wealth, however, lies not with focusing on wanting more money but instead focusing on using your money in a positive way.

Money is like energy.  Money is like thought.  It flows in and it flows out.  Controlling that flow requires meditation.  Just like meditation can clear our minds of restless thoughts, we can also use it to direct our thoughts and energy toward productive ends such as promoting wealth gain.

Putting out negativity will only attract negativity.  Stress and greed create a negative relationship with money.  This allows it to control your life and your happiness.  Money is never a constant thing.  It will always fluctuate.  Focusing on the downturns in your personal wealth will leave you dissatisfied no matter how much money you actually have.  You may have enough money to live comfortably and cover your bills, but if you focus on not having as much as someone else, you will be dissatisfied with a life most people would love to have.

Alternatively, if you create a positive mindset around money, if you understand that money comes and goes, then you will not be so upset by the fluctuations.  Everyone experiences unexpected major expenditures – someone gets sick or you get a ticket while driving.  Having a positive mindset when these events happen will move you through them and back into comfortable living.

One of the best ways to acquire financial abundance is actually through charitable giving.  You may be wondering how giving away money will equal greater fortune.  The answer is simple.  People love to help positive, generous people.  Most people will never forget a favor and will take note when they see someone who is especially, genuinely generous.

When you experience personal, financial hardship after a lifetime of generosity, people will jump at the opportunity to help you.  People will also think of you when they have opportunities to offer. Every day there are endless opportunities to expand your wealth.  Negative people will often miss these opportunities because they are too wrapped up in their own problems.  Positive people, on the other hand, are constantly open to new experiences and opportunities.  Friends, colleagues, and acquaintances will want to pass opportunities on to people they know will cherish and make good use of those opportunities – people shown to have a giving spirit.  They will not even think to ask the person who focuses only on themselves and their money.

Meditation is a key first step towards changing your mindset towards money.  Meditation allows you to clear your mind of its usual stressing and laundry list of to-dos and I-owe-you’s.  With a clear mind you can work to accept what you have, perhaps by repeating mantras of acceptance or by taking an honest look at all the things you already have.  You should make sure to thank yourself for all of the hard work you have done and all the obstacles you have already overcome.  Too many people focus most of their thoughts on where they have made mistakes in life.  Learning from mistakes is vital, but simply obsessing over them leads to negativity.  Every person has had accomplishments in life.  Even if they are not monumental, they are important.  The more you learn to appreciate the little accomplishments in your day to day, the more you will look to find other ways you can be accomplished.  Little accomplishments add up and can become major accomplishments very quickly.

Money management also requires responsible handling.  People overcome with negativity live in fear of their money.  This makes them less likely to look at their accounts and budget accordingly for fear that they do not have as much as they need.  Without having a proper understanding of their actual wealth they get into a cycle of spending way too much and then stressing about it.

Positive people understand their situation.  They are not afraid to seriously look at their accounts, set up a plan, and stick to that budget.  This keeps them from yo-yoing from stress due to over spending and gives them the opportunity to set aside money so they are generating wealth rather than living paycheck to paycheck.  Then when an unexpected expense comes up, they already have money set aside to cover or begin to cover the expense.

Below is a meditation for prosperity from Master Choa Kok Sui.  It is a great first step for people wanting to begin a meditation practice.  Reciting it daily will help you appreciate what you have and live in a generous mindset.  Whenever you start to think too negatively about your finances, recite it to silence those negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones.

Meditation on Prosperity

It is in giving that we receive.

As we sow abundantly,

We reap abundantly.

This is the Divine Law.

As I give and share generously and abundantly,

my life is blessed with great financial

and material prosperity.

Money flows to me easily, constantly

and in great abundance.

Whatever I invest comes back to me

many, many times.

My life is Blessed with

so much Abundance,

so much Prosperity,

so much Success.

I am blessed with tremendous prosperity

And I lived a life of moderation,

Discipline and spirituality.

I am healthy and very happy.

I am enjoying every moment of my life.

May every person, every being be blessed with

good health, happiness, prosperity and spirituality.

With thanks and in full faith. So be it.